Tiernan Watson


My name is Tiernan and I'm currently a computer science student at University College London (UCL). After graduation I want to break into the games industry as a programmer.

I am proficient in C/C++ and C#. Other languages I can use include Python and Java. I have 3-4 years experience with object-oriented techniques, and make sure to follow all good design practices that I am aware of.



URaider (2017-2018)

This solo project is a fully-featured action-adventure game framework for Unity that has climbing, combat, swimming, inventory and interactions. I implemented my own physics equations and gained experience in 3D animation. It is mainly based off the 2006-2008 era of Tomb Raider.

I built a state machine from the ground up to control Lara's state. Example states include Locomotion, Climbing and Swimming.

What was really important for me when developing this was firstly that Lara was easy to control, and secondly, that the system was easy for people who have never coded before to go in and start dragging and dropping prefabs to create levels.

Demo Download: Click here
Source Code: GitHub


VR Cycling (2018-2019)

This is my current project for the academic year 18-19. I am the team leader, and our task is to create a Unity virtual reality experience for professional cyclists to help them train.

The project uses a VirZoom bike and a Gear VR headset. The input data includes the cycling speed from the pedals and head yaw and roll.

Work Experience

Project Fizzyo (Summer 2018)

I spent the summer of 2018 working alongside the UCL Institute of Child Health and Microsoft software engineers to debug and improve the games that were developed for Project Fizzyo. This project aims to improve the enjoyment and adherence of airway clearance treatment for kids living with cystic fibrosis.

My role was to fix the games up and improve them, even if it meant changing the core mechanics. I participated in stand-up meetings with Microsoft engineers.

Aside from fixing many bugs, the features I implemented include a boat selecter for the fishing game, so the patients could personalise their experience. I also created the bar power up system that fills when the player performs a good breath, and allows them to perform certain actions. Furthermore, I added levels to the games for a range of difficulty and progression.


What I'm Reading...

Game Engine Architecture Mathematics for 3D Game Programming

What I've Read...

C++ programming principles and practice PHP, MySQL and Javascript

My Past

iHostPro (2012)

iHostPro was a web hosting company I started with two friends when I was 13. This was one of my first early insights to a professional arena. We offered budget hosting on our own dedicated server using Linux.

Newry Chat (2011)

This was a social a network I started on my own for the people of my hometown. It used PHP and provided functionality similar to Facebook at the time.


I am happy to hear about internship opportunities.

You can reach me via my email: mail@tiernanwatson.com